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Friday, June 21, 2013

Healthy Poha Chat

Very easy to make!yet tasty and healthy.Munch on any time snack!.
Best tea time snack and surprise for friends  by making in 2 miuntes!

Thin Poha/paper avalakki - 2 cup
finely chopped onion -1
finely chopped tomato-1
chopped cilantro-6 strings
namkeen mixture - 4 tbspn
lemon juice-1/2 tspn
green chillies finely chopped-3
sugar-2 pinch
salt to taste

Add thin poha to microwave safe wide bowl and microwave high for 1 min,stir and microwave high for 1 min till its very crispy.Some microwave takes 30 sec more to make it crispy.

If u don't have microwave,keep it in the sunshine or just dry fry it in a wide pan on ur stove/cooktop until crispy.

Add all the ingredients and mix well.Ready to munch!


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