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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Strawberry Picking

Hello my dear viewers,

Welcome to Spring Season!!

I am sure a lot of you love fresh fruits and vegetables like I do.My favourite past time
is to look for  seasonal fruits "u pick" farms.March means it's time to pick some STRAWBERRIES in Florida.The u picked pink juicy fruit tastes so very different than the store bought one's.

U picks are a good add on for kids spring break,summer break activities.

How do you find the u pick farms??
You can visit to check what is in season and the nearest farms which offers u pick.But as the website suggests please call the farm before you plan to travel.
The second way to find the farms is when you go to your local farmers market/flea market you can ask the sellers and sometimes they do have those information.

Preparation for U pick
It is very important to well prepare for your picking trip so you can enjoy to the fullest.
Check the weather and dress up accordingly.
Have cash ready as some farms do not accept credit,debit cards.
Pack some snacks,cooler,juice,water as some farm might not have snack bar or even vending machines.
Some farms do have picnic tables so you can even pack your meal
Hat,Sunscreen lotion,bug spray will definitely help.
Extra clothes for your kids.

Brown's Farm in Northeast Florida,Hawthorne FL
Address-18120 FL-26 ,Hawthorne FL 32640. Approximately 90 miles SW of Jacksonville FL is Brown's farm.My 4 year old was in Spring break..and she loves strawberries so thought this would be great spring break activity.They opened up for u pick on March 14th and usually runs for 1.5 months.Big farm and berries were big enough  and you could fill the buckets soon.The lady their was kind enough to show us which part of the farm had plenty to pick.They also sell fresh vegetables picked from their farm,honey,jams.

Here are some pictures..

This artistic vegetable is called Romanesco and tastes like a mix of cauliflower and brocolli.Yum

RECIPES tastes great when you use the u pick fruits and vegetables.

Let us make some STRAWBERRY ICECREAM WITHOUT ICECREAM MAKER andSTRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE this strawberry season and impress our friends and family.