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Friday, December 5, 2014

Vegetable Churmuri/Easy Bhel-Healthy and Yummy

Whats this Churmuri??If u are not familiar with Bangalore/Mysore you probably will get this question.Churmuri can be called as instant bhel-you don't add chutneys to it.The ingredients is less but it tastes delicious.

Sometimes u don't have chutneys handy and u r lazy enough to make one then churmuri is the best quick fix.

I miss those park days in Bangalore,Cubban park,sanky tank.The most exciting moment in the park was to have churmuri.And the way they pack is so paper and on top of that banana leaf,make a big cone and fill it up.Just can't wait for my next trip.

Also if you know any other best places to eat churmuri in Bangalore please post in comments...

Recently I tried adding extra vegetables to the original one you get in streets.And it turned out too yummy and definitely healthy.

Here is what u need:

Murmura/Kadlepuri-6 cups
1 big tomato or 2 small tomato chopped
1/2 big onion or 1 small chopped
red round raddish finely chopped -3
green onion finely chopped-3
cucumber peeled and finely chopped-3 Tbspn
lemon juice-1 Tbspn
sugar powdered-1/4 tspn
chaat masala-1 tspn
green chilly finely chopped-2
Cilantro finely chopped-2 Tbspn
Mixture/Namkeen-1 Cup
chakkli pieces/kodbale pieces(optional)-1 Tbspn (tastes great)
salt to taste

Once the cutting work is done ....churmuri is almost done!Isn't it easy??

How to Make:

1.Lets mix all the ingredients in a very big bowl except for mixture/namkeen.

2.Use your clean hands and give a good mix by pressing the ingredients so it turns it a little juicy.Continue for 2 more times.

3.Now add namkeen.Next comes murmura, make sure its crisp.You can microwave it for a minute or keep it in sunlight or carefully roast it in low flame

4.Give it a good mix in hand.

5.Adjust salt and sugar.

6.Enjoy with a cup of tea .

Note:I like more vegies in my can add extra murmura if u don't like it.Also u can be creative and make your own variation by adding boiled potato pieces,raw mango pieces,pineapple pieces.Let me know what u tried.