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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Deepavali- Snacks recipes

 To All My dear viewers ,Happy Deepavali/Diwali.

Here are few snacks and the detailed recipe I made yesterday for my family and friends.Enjoy your deepavali with these snacks

Easy Chakkali/Murukku 
 Besan Ladoo

Poha chivda

Iyengar bakery style mixed veg puff

Stuffed Capsicum Pakoda chaat


Iyengar bakery Vegetable Puffs

Its Bangalore....

Its Evening....

And the streets are filled with the aroma from iyengar bakeries...:-)

It usually used to pull me daily for the hot crispy veg puffs...

Just cannot forget the taste of variar bakery (rajajinagar )and V B bakery in vv puram.

For those of you around rajajinagar visit variar in the evenings for their yumm puff.Their address: No 68 ,Near ESI hospital, 12th Main Rd, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010, India

For those in Bangalore and looking for baking supplies and pastry sheets u can try General food Additive stores in sheshadripuram...special store for baking.
Here is the address No.175/3, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Opposite To HDFC Bank, Bangalore - 560020  +(91)-80-23367878, 23360517 .Call before u go for timings!

In US you can find puff pastry sheets in publix,walmart,kroger,meijer or any other grocery store in frozen section.

Remembering all my childhood memories of India...decided to make puff.It was super hit almost tasted like variar bakery one:-).Try it out and ur family and friends would love it.

Here is what u need:

1)Puff pastry sheet.
2)Filling:You can be  creative and make make ur own creative crazy fillings.It could be sweet cream and dry coconut,salty potato or spicy mixed vegetables.Leave me a comment if u have any other creative suggestions.

For iyengar bakery mixed veg filling u need:

2 big potatoes boiled  and mashed
finely chopped cabbage-1 cup
finely chopped carrot-1/2 cup
boiled green peas-1/2 cup
chopped capsicum-1/2 cup
green chilly-2
garam masala-1 tspn
rasam powder-1/2 tspn
oil-1 Tbspn
salt to taste
turmeric-2 pinch
hing-2 pinch
mustard seeds-very little it should not be seen-less than 1/4 tspn
jeera-very little it should not be seen-less than 1/4 tspn
coriander leaves/cilantro-1 tbpsn chopped.

 How to prepare the filling

1)Heat oil in a deep pan.When hot add mustard seeds,jeera,hing,turmeric.When mustard seed crackles add all the vegetables other than mashed potatoes.Fry for 2 min  add 1-2 tbspn water to aid the cooking process,add salt and let it cook.

2)Now add the masala,cilantro,potatoes,adjust salt.

3)Mix well.

How to make

1)Puff pastry sheets are frozen ,keep them outside and let it thaw for 5 hour.Keep an eye on it.Don't thaw too much it makes it sticky and difficult to handle.You can also transfer from freezer to fridge area the night before so it gets thawed.

2)Cut them into desired size.I made them a little small-9 pieces in a  sheet.You can try 6 pieces if u want them big bakery way.

3)Make cylindrical shape balls.I try to use more filling as I like it that way.

4)Press the edges .Grease the baking tray and arrange the puffs.leave enough space between two as it puffs up and becomes bigger than original size.

5) Preheat the oven for 400F.

6)Place the trays and bake them for 25 min.

7)Keep a close eye after 20 min as some oven takes a min or two less.

8) Once its golden brown its ready ..Fresh hot crisp yum vegetable puff.