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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Banana Rasayana-Healthy Easy dessert

Balehannu Rasayana is prepared usually during festival days as Prasad.Very easy to makeand requires only few ingredients.Festivals days are so very busy and so this prasad can be made in 2 minutes!.Make this for festivals like Ram navami,Shivratri or for any vrath like vaibhava Lakshmi,sai baba parayana and distribute to ur friends.

Bananas getting ripen? and bored of eating, make this for dinner,keep in refridgerator for sometime and enjoy ur dessert.

Here is what u need:
Ripe banana-5
Honey-1 tbspn
jaggery-4 tbspn
Fresh/frozen grated coconut-2 tbspn
ghee- 1 pinch

Slice the ripen banana(preferably with spot).Grate the jaggery with by running knife ,add it.Then add the honey and grated coconut ,very little(garbanzo size) ghee .Mix well and serve.

If u keep out for a while,jaggery melts completely and looks like this

Advantages of honey and where to buy:

Its antiseptic properties inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and helps keep external wounds clean and heals fast.

Honey helps to cure cough and cold.

Have honey,lemon juice,warm water very first in the morning .It keeps u energetic and also helps in weight loss.

In India u will get pure honey.I usually used to buy it from walmart,publix in US and tasted very bad.My daughter had severe cold and her pediatric suggested to get pure honey from LiquorBarn .Yes they sell pure and yummy ,cheaper honey called American Honey.You can also get it from your local farmers market or whole foods.







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