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Friday, March 21, 2014

Bangalore Set Dosa

These dosas are served in a set of 3 hence the name Set Dosa.Unlike crispy thin paper dosas these are soft,spongy and thick.

Miss those Bangalore days,rushing to darshinis and ordering set dosa..Here it comes!The  set of golden soft dosas served with mixed vegetable sagu and  with a spoonful of delicious butter on top and finished in no time! gulum swaha..

Best for breakfast and even kids lunch box or after school snack.The thin dosas are good if eaten immediately but as these are soft and thick variety it stays good even in ur lunch box!

Common lets make it today,


Add maida to the blender together with rice and dal

After fermentation its frothy like below picture

3 cups rice
3/4 cup urad dal
5Tbpn thick poha/avalakki
1Tbspn All purpose flour/maida
1 tspn sugar(powder)
salt to taste

1)Wash rice and urad dal together.
2)Lets combine washed rice,urad dal,poha ,add lots of water almost 3 inch above rice dal surface.
3)Leave it overnight or 8 hours.
4)Pour out all the water .
5)Add 2 Tbpsn water at a time and  add all purpose flour along with rice -dal ,blend  it to a very smooth paste.
6)Take batter big bowl(as the batter rises once fermented),cover it and leave it overnight or 7-8 hours in a warm place.I usually put it in the oven with lights on.
7) You can see the batter rised up,nice frothy and aerated.Now the batter is ready to make dosas.

How to make

1)Heat a non stick pan to medium high.
2)Take a ladlefull of dosa batter and pour it on the pan.I will not spread it for set dosa as it is thick and fluffy.

3)Add a Tbspn of ghee/oil mix around the dosa.(Mix 1 Tbpsn of ghee and 4 Tbspn oil and use it for making dosas,or just oil if u don't like the ghee taste)
4)Turn it over once golden brown
5)Serve  3 dosa with a spoon of butter along with  mixed vegetable sagu and chutney


  1. I was not sure of quantity of the ingredients to make the batter. Thanks for the recipe. :)

  2. You are most welcome dear. .. Try it out:-) hope u like it.