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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bhindi Raita - Quick and Tasty

When I step into my kitchen to make something new and different I tend to peek into shorcuts or easy quick fixes:-)

I got a lot a fresh okra/bhindi from flea market ,one day I made Okra/Bendekai Sambar and the next day I tried masala raita and it was finished in no time:-).Very easy one with less cooking ,perfect as side dish or even as a main dish with rice-Thats what we did,masala raita with rice and some pickle and papad for lunch!

Lets see how to make

2 Cups cut bhindi
2 Cups plain yogurt/curd
salt to taste

For grinding
2 Tbpsn roasted chana dal(hurigadale in kannada)
3 Tbspn grated coconut fresh/frozen
2 green chilly
1 Tbspn cilantro/coriander leaves
pinch of  asafetida
Gring the all of the above with 3 Tbpsn of water to a very smooth paste.

For tempering
2 tspn oil
1/2 tspn mustard seeds
1/2 tspn urad dal
Pinch of asafetida
1 string curry leaves
1 dry red chilly cut into 2 piece

Heat oil ,when got add mustard seeds.When it starts popping add the urad dal and fry till light golden brown.Next comes asafetida,curry leaves,red chilly.


1)Lets wash the bhindi, take kitchen tissues and wipe off the water.Cut them into 1 inch pieces.
2)Add 1 Tbspn oil to non stick pan and fry it in medium flame till its completely cooked but not mushy.Sprinkle salt when 3/4th done.
3)Let's beat the curd+Add the fried bhindi+Add the tempering + Adjust salt.

Perfect for side dish in a thali or even as main course.

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