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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Power Paratha with Amaranth leaves

Calling all paratha lovers ,here is tasty and super powerful ,super healthy paratha.

Amaranth leaves

For those of you who don't know about Amaranth leaves,its indian spinach with strong taste .In kannada is called dhantu soppu and in telugu its called thotakura.

Few Health benefits:

1)This green leaves is very rich in Vitamin A,,Iron and helps blood circulation in body and hence good in pregnancy

2)Its rich in calcium and strengthens your bones and teeth

3)Rich in Manganese,potassium,magnesium,riboflavin,amino acid hence builds immunization and protects you from diseases

Along with Amaranth I added carrot,potato,mint leaves-Makes it more powerful and tasty :-)

Mashed potatoes makes your paratha soft.You can add half if you want.

You can also add pinch of chilly powder or half green chilly if you like it spicy.

You can also add one garlic while boiling ..

Lets make paste

1 cup washed amaranth leaves
1 big carrot cut into pieces
1 Tbspn chopped mint leaves

Lets boil leaves and carrot with little water till fully cooked may be for 6-8 min.Keep the extra water you can use it to make the dough

Now lets grind it  to smooth paste,add mashed potato and keep aside

Lets make the Dough

2 cups chapati flour
grinded paste
1 boiled and mashed potato- medium size
roasted cumin powder- 1/4 tspn
while semame seed-1/4 tspn
1 tspn oil
salt to taste

Lets add dry ingredients and mix.Next add the grinded paste and mashed potatoes and start mixing.Sprinkle water if needed and make medium soft dough.Smear oil on top and cover it & leave it for minimum 30 min.I kept it for 2 hours.

(Use water from washed blender or cooked leaves)

 I didn't add  any extra water at all only the puree was enough to make the dough so be carefull,don't add entire paste add little at a time and mix so your dough doesn't end up being too soft)

Roll and Make Parathas

1)Take a big lemon size ball flatten it add few drops of oil,fold it and roll it into desired thickness.
2)Put on hot tawa leave for 10 seconds,add few drops of oil around and turn it and leave it for 10 sec.
3)Repeat the turning process if not completely cooked.
4)Enjoy with some pickle n curd or your favourite side dish.
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  1. This appears very nutritious.

    1. It is! This bread is made with whole wheat flour and spinach -two competitors for healthy diet:-)