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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Outer Covering

1 Cup All purpose Flour/maida
1 Tbspn Oil + 4 Tbspn Oil
1/8 tspn turmeric
pinch of salt
water to mix


1)Take the all purpose flour,add  1 Tbspn oil,turmeric,pinch of salt couple of tbspns of water at a time and make a  medium soft dough.Now Lets add 4 Tbspn Oil over the dough.

2) Add a tspn oil over dough.Cover the dough and leave for 4 hours.

3) I know its a lot oil but it will make your obbattu/puran poli soft.


1 Cup............................Toor Dal
1 Cup ............................Jagerry
1/2 Cup..........................Grated coconut(fresh or frozen)


1)Lets boil Toor dal in stove top with 5 cups of water until 90%done (not very mushy).

2)Drain the water and store it(u can use this for rasam).

3)In a kadai,add the cooked dal,jaggery in medium flame.As the jaggery starts to melt add coconut and peeled cardamom/elachi(I used with peel for extra flavor,but takes a little time while blending).

4)Keep stirring till the jaggery melts and you start getting nice aroma,may be for 5 min.Make sure you don't burn the bottom part.

5)Let it come to room temperature.Then go ahead and blend it to a thick smooth paste.Now the filling ie,hoorana is ready.

Making Obbattu


1)Once the dough and hoorana is ready,lets start making obbattu.

2)Take a lemon size dough,spread it in your palm & add hoorana, pull the dough up and close it.

3)Smear oil on Banana leaf.Start patting with oily hand.

4)Place the Banana leaf on a medium heat pan.Gently detach the obbattu .

5)Leave for 30 sec and turn it over.Cook for 30 more sec .Flip to see if it is evenly cooked or else cook it for some more time

5) Enjoy the traditional indian sweet

Serving Suggestions

1)Serve with a Tbspn of warm ghee on top.
2)A lot of people add 1/2 cup warm milk.

Note:Some people use chana dal instead of toor dal.Both taste great.But I love it with toor .

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