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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Coming from Karnataka,Ugadi/Yugadi is a very special festival as it is "Kannada New Year".

UGADI date for 2014 is March 31 and the samvatsara is " SRI JAYA NAMA SAMVATSARA".

                                                                 Neem Tree

                                                                      Neem Leaves

Mango Buds

Yugadi a Sanskrit word which means  yuga-era adi-begining.Yes it marks the begining!

Its spring and India is ready for Ugadi.

This is how I used to celebrate ugadi as a kid or back in India.

Its morning,get ready with new clothes.

Pray to God,eat bevu-bella(a mix of neem flowers and jaggery-concentrated sugar cane juice).

Get the blessings of elderly people by touching their feet.

.Every TV channel will have some Ugadi shows,Ugadi songs.

Next most awaited part is "traditional feast".A delicious lunch served on Banana leaf ! !(Believe me it adds the taste).

Ugadi is never complete without OBBATTU/HOLIGE/PURAN POLI.A sweet bread stuffed with lentils,brown sugar,coconut.

I was telling my husband Ugadi festival is on March 31st ,He goes.....Hey ! ! I'm ready for Obbattu.