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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Panchamrita/Panchamrutha - Puja Offering

Panchamrita or also called panchamrutha is used as puja offering to God.If u visit temples in south India,a spoonful of panchamrita prasad is given after the main aarti.This sacred mixture is also used for abhisheka ie, to bathe the dieties/idols.

This is very easy to make and comes in handy when we perform pujas like varamahalakshmi vrata,vaibava Lakshmi vrata,baba parayana or even dialy pujas.

This holy drink is a mixture of  five main ingredients and hence called panchamrita .Milk,curd,honey,sugar,ghee  are its main ingredients.There is usually regional variations in ingredients.Its very common to add ripe bananas to it.Some even add mixed fruits and some like it with nuts.

This nutritious drink can also be served as dessert.

Have tried lots of variations and this combination tastes great.

1 cup fresh raw milk.
1/4 cup beaten fresh plain yogurt/curd
1 Tbspn Ghee
2 Tbspn honey
2 Tbspn sugar
2 Tulsi leaves/Indian basil
1 ripe big banana
2 Tbspn pomegranate seeds

1)Lets combine milk,curd,honey,ghee,sugar.Mix well till sugar dissolves.Add chopped tulsi.
2)Add ripe banana cut into semi circle pieces and pomegranate.
3)Use it to bathe dieties for abhisheka or offer to God
4)Even serve it chill as dessert for your guests.



  1. Good and easy information recipe Shwetha Suresh..

  2. Thanks for sharing Shwetha- interesting info - and I will try this one out for sure:-)