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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guacamole-Mexican Delicacy

Guacamole is a Mexican delicacy prepared with ripe avacados as its main ingredient and usually had with tortilla chips ie,corn chips.A tasty and healthy appetizer.Also used as topping for burritos,wraps,tacos or even taste great with salads.I love eating with any kind of chips it can be pringles or any other thick variety of  chips.

In India,avacado is popular by name 'butter fruit' for its buttery creamy texture.I used to drink butter fruit milkshake in juice centers of Bangalore while returning from school, I didn't realize this for a long time! that this was avacado.My friend here in US  told me she got some cheap avacados in the store today and I was like oh!new fruit and made a note in my next week grocery shopping list.I went to walmart & I was like oops,this is Butter fruit:-)

I started loving it more after reading its health benefits in a top magazine.Its considered superfood by many nutrition experts.Rich in folate,omega-3,contains good fat,heart healthy are a few to note.

One more plus point about this recipe is you need not to cook at all!!!!Good news ladies:-).Its just mixing up of all raw ingredients.Isn't is good?:-).A super easy recipe.Love these kind of quick fixes for evening much time.

Here are the ingredients

2 Ripe Avacado
1 Tbspn finely chopped onion
1 Tablespoon finely chopped tomato
1 tspn lemon juice
1  minced garlic
1/2 tspn red pepper flakes or green chilly chopped or a combination of both.
1 Tbspn  cilantro leaves chopped
salt to taste

1)Peel off  the skin and chop the avacado.
2)Combine all the ingredients,gently smash and mix it well.
3)Enjoy with some corn chips.

Note:Don't over mash it and make it creamy


  1. new 1.. never heard or tried it ...
    thx for sharing..

  2. lovely and I know this taste yemmy..goes very well with corn chips...

  3. One of my favorites of all time. Guacamole is so healthy and delicious! Yours looks yummy!

  4. Oh - I love avocado, so this is perfect:-) Will try your recipe! Have a wonderful day:-)

  5. Mine and my family's favourite .Nice blog Shwetha !! Love the recipes. Do visit my blog also at

  6. This looks perfect. Love your recipes dear.
    On-going event @nandoo's kitchen: Healthy Breakfast.

  7. I love it, I will definitely give it a try.