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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi festival Celebration-banana leaf lunch!

GANESH CHATURTHI  festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha also called Vinayaka Chaturthi. Its widely celebrated by Indians all over the world.During Indian war of Independence,Lokamanya Bala Gangadhar Tilak started celebrating this domestic festival as Public event.From then,Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as a grand public event.

You get to celebrate both in home as well as in your community streets,neighbourhood streets.Uh!you can enjoy this festival weeks together.

Market will be filled with variety of  clay Ganesh idols like standing,sitting,dancing Ganesh!on the peacock,operating computer and much much more variety of themed lord Ganesha.You not only get the one's with painted but also eco-friendly one's.Some people don't get the clay ganesh idols.They pray idol made with silver,brass,gold and other precious metals.In that case,people donate it to priest or keep it their mandir and worship next year.

Its really nice to roam around in markets during this festival.I am a Banglorean,as a child or even after that this is one of my favourite festival.It can be any corner of Bangalore,all the main streets of each and every area will have this public event.Gigantic idols of Lord Ganesha,Creative decorations,shamiyana,smells of exotic flowers like shamanthige/sevanti,various patre(leaves).They even  plan cultural activities like orchestra,dance,drama from kids as well as adults.Everything to make Lord Ganesha happy:-).....

Checkout eco-friendly ganesha festival we celebrated here in US.


Managed to get most of the things this time including variety of leaves,sugar cane and ya!this is the first time I got fresh banana leaf...Everytime I used to get frozen.Let me tell you what was in the menu.

Upper part starting from right:Starts with salt,instant mango pickle,chana dal kosambir,moon dal kosambir,green beans dry fry-palya,chayote squash fry-seeme badanekai palya,pineapple gojju,ambode(dal vada).

Bottom part starting from right:tamarind rice,rice-dal,sweet.Since it was ganesha habba I made karjikai otherwise its usually kheer.

Will post the detail recipe for the banana leaf thali (bale yele oota)soon.


  1. US nalli ganesha habba celebration tumba chennagi agide.. U get there mango leaves , sugar cane , banana leaf every thing ..Wow!! hw abt Ganesha idol ? home made ??
    bale yele oota kooda tempting kantha ide..

  2. Thanks 4 ur sweet comments smitha.Howdu,I was lucky enough to get most of the items this time.Ganapati idol illi siguthe!:-)