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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kadabu/Modak/Karjikai - Ganesh Chaturthi Special

Kadabu,a traditional indian sweet made specially for Ganesh Chaturthi.Lord Ganesha loves this sweet.There are two variations ,one is steamed and the other in deep fried.Today I have chosen the deep fried one-Crispy Yummy!


One of the huge,grand festivals celebrated in India.This kids favourite festival is celebrated very lively -gigantic idols in all the main streets  filled with music and dance,decorated very creatively with lot of themes.

Ganesha Chaturthi is never complete without offering kadabu/modak/gujia .Lets make this today and worship Vinayaka.

Outer Shell
11/2 Cup Maida/All purpose flour
2 Tbspn Fine Sooji
11/2 Tbspn hot oil
water to make dough

Lets mix maida and fine sooji(chiroti rava),hot oil and mix well.Let make a little stiff than chapati dough by adding little water at a time.Cover and let it rest for 15 min.

11/2 Cups grated fresh/frozen coconut
11/4 cup jaggery
1 tspn cardamom/elachi powder
4 Tbspn water

1)Lets add jiggery and water in a heavy bottom pan.Allow it to melt.
2)Add coconut and fry for 5 min,now add cardamom powder and fry for another 3-4 min
3)Let it cool down.

Make Kadabu
1)Take a lemon size dough and roll it into circular shape poori
2)Place 11/2 tspn of filling for a medium size poori.
3)Fold it to form a semi circle.
4)Wet your hands with sugar water,form a border at the ends.
5)Deep fry in medium hot oil till completely done.

Note:Also made some modak.Form a oval shape and protrude it ends.


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