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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My First Blog Award- LIEBSTER AWARD

                                    Starting this post with a smile on my face.

                                                              Hey!My First Award
 Have you heard of Liebster award before?Well....I never had till I got one.Here is something about liebster award.

  • In German,Liebster means "beloved","dearest", "nicest" .
  • This is a award  is passed to bloggers from fellow bloggers.
  • Great way of inspiring new bloggers ,creating more friends to stay connected.
Now how did I come to know about this? Loads of Thanks to Sundari Nathan who passed this award to me.
As with any award there are a  set of rules which you need to follow:
  •  This award is passed on to bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  • Thank the blogger (provide the link)who passed this award to you in your post.(Just like my 'this' post) and mention one favourite dish from the blog who passed the award with a link.
  • Enjoy answering the questions the blogger has posted for you.
  • Identify a set of bloggers to pass on this award.
  • Ask them a set of questions to answer.
Here are the list of questions asked by Sundari and my answers for the same.Enjoyed this step!!remembered my college days:-)
1.What is the reason for starting a blog?
 I spend a lot of time in kitchen experimenting new ways of cooking,making 'taste' better and
finding out simple techniques.I dreamt of having a platform where i can share 'whats  happening
in my kitchen' to people all over the world,make friends and spread the passion of cooking and
eating healthy.Now it was the time for "blog".I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do
things I never would have done otherwise.I am enjoying the 'jolly ride'with other fellow
bloggers.It is giving me a lot more than I thought!!

2.Which is your favourite cuisine?
    I Love North Indian and my hubby loves traditional South Indian so I end up peeking into both:-)

3.Which one do u think plays an important role in food blogging? Photographs or recipes?Why?
    Photograaphs are definately eye catching but I will stick with recipes as "tasty food"is what
    everybody loves and craves for.

4.Who is your best critic & support?
    Definately Mom

5.Has blogging changed the way u cook?How?
    Lot Lot Lot!Everyday I wake up in the morning with a smile & say,what do i make and share with
    everybody today?I go in search of better markets which sells farm fresh vegetables and fruits and
    I'm so very excited to buy and experiment a lot more  so I can blog on!!My readers,fellow
    bloggers have bought in some much inspiration and creativity into me.

6.Your favourite cookery show.
    Sanjeev kapoor- alltime.Also love to watch Rachael Ray cookery show-she makes things

7. What is the average time/day you spend for your blog?
     These days I think 5 hours

8.The best recipe in your blog.
  Masala Puri street chaat Bangalore

 Done with my turn.Now its yours.....:-)

Congratulations my dear fellow bloggers
My choice  for the "Liebster Award"  are.......
 These are my questions to them
1)How young you were when u made your first dish and what was the dish(provide the recipe)?
2)What is your dream travel destination?
3)What is your favourite cookery show?
4)What do you prefer,money or fame?
5)Name a appetizer in your blog which your family loves to eat(provide the link)
6)Name 2 recipes in my blog which u like(provide the links)
7)Which is that toughest veg recipe u are hesitant to cook?
8)What is average time/day you spend on internet?
9)Name the  favourite local restaurant u visit when you are bored of cooking and what is your favourite veg dish in that restaurant.


  1. Congratulations Shwetha!! That's an interesting post!! :)

    1. Thanks Sundari for giving me the opportunity to write this happy post

  2. Congrats dear and thank you for nominating me :) will post soon with list of answers and names of fellow bloggers..

  3. thanks a lot Shweta for nominating me will post the answers soon

  4. thanks Shwetha for the nomination this is so exciting !!!! Will post my answers soon.

    1. Well,then see you soon with the award post:-)

  5. Thx Shwetha for the award.. will answer soon :)

    1. Hope to see your award post soon dear:-)

  6. Thanks for the award Shwetha. Will post the answers soon.

  7. thank u for nominating me . will post the answer soon.

  8. See you soon with the answers dear....