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Thursday, January 30, 2014


MAKARA SANKRANTI   is the Harvest festival of India. This is the day when sun makes transition from one zodiac sign to other.On this auspicious day of Hindus, the sun makes transition to Makara Rashi on its celestial path.

Celebrated differently in different parts of India.

I'm from  the state of Karnataka and let me tell you what we used to do as kids.I love this festival for SugarCanes!!!!. Bangalore Markets will be filled with varieties of  sugarcane(jolle kabbu) black skin- usually soft and my favourite,light red skin(rasthale).Its so nice to see the festive ambience in the markets,rite?:-) and those bundles of sugarcanes...hmmm.

 People go to market buy the sugarcanes and the person who sells will cut into pieces so you can carry home easily but I always wanted to get the long uncut ones to home:-):-).Love those golden days of life.

I used to get 4-5 jolle kabbus(long sugarcanes with leaves on top) 2 days before festival.On the festival day I used to cut them into pieces eat few pices:-) and keep the rest for the evening to share with friends.

Here comes the main part-Its evening!Its kids time!-usually girls.

Ellu Bella ,a mixture of sesame seeds,fried peanuts,dry coconut pieces,jaggery pieces ,roasted chana dal(the one u use for chutney) is packed in small covers along with sugarcandy(sakkare achchu).Love this delicious mix.

Kids wear their new dress, take a bag filled with 5-6 packets of ellu bella,sugarcane pieces,bananas,sometimes even small cute containers.They go to their friends and neighbours home ask for a plate  to keep each one of those items .Come back home to refill the bag and go again!they keep doing from evening till dinner time.Isn't it fun and so very nice to share some sweet moments with friends!

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