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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Makara Sankranti is incomplete without ellu bella in Karnataka.

This simple mixture of ingredients tastes so very delicious.Make this and share with your family and friends during sankranti/pongal festival .I also make during other festivals or vrat and share it with friends.

1 cup peanut
1 cup dry coconut pieces
1 cup roasted chana dal(hurigadale)
1 cup jaggery pieces
1/2 cup sesame seeds

Dry roast peanut ,peel off the skin and break it into halves(Dry roast peanut in a low flame for 10-15 min till its crisp and light golden color.Don't use high flame it makes the peanut black in 1-2 min)
Chop the dry coconut into small pieces
Cut the jaggery into small pieces
Light fry sesame seeeds
Add the roasted chana dal as is.

Lets mix this together and share .We say this in kannada ie,"Ellu Bella Thinni Olle Maathadi" which means "Have this sesame jaggery mixture and speak good/sweet".

You can also add sugar coated jeera or sugar coated fennel seeds if u like.It makes it colorful!

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