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Thursday, December 5, 2013

S'more - Campfire treat

S'more or smore is a traditional campfire dessert.Roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate is sandwitched between graham crackers.Ya!who doesn't love this warmth cracker- chocalate -marshmallow sandwitch!?:-)

This treat is famous in USA and Canada.National S'more day in USA is on August 10th.Light up the campfir e,roast the marshmallow make the smore .While having the warm tasty smore,u can do lots of campfire activities like storytelling,singing and games to keep the kids occupied and have tons of fun.

Wanted to do something different for friday night and was browsing around.Came across a fall activity in the park near by with hayride and campfire smore.Hmmm!


Marshmallow-These are cylindrical sweet spongy/gooey pieces.You get many brands of marshmallows at the store with jumbo size or regular size.I got a pack of jet puffed marshmallows.

Crackers-Picked up Honey Maid Graham crackers as these are famous for making smore.You can buy any store brand grahams.

Chocolate-Used  hersheys milk chocolate as i already had it in home.You can buy any variety like ghirardelli milk chocolate squares(my favourite),dark chocolate squares.Thin square chocolates works good in sandwitches.

How to roast Marshmallow in fire

Here is the fun part

1)Poke the marshmallow to a long stick so you don't burn your hands.Insert it inside so you can see atleast 1 inch stick at the end just to make sure it doesn't fall off.

2)Once the campfire is set and ready hold the marshmallows close to the charcoal and roast it.Keep roatating the stick so it gets uniformly heated.If u roast your marshmallows at the tip of the flame it will catch  fire and turn black soon if u like the black part as i do then thats ok! But the best marshmallows are roasted to golden brown.

Note:You can also try roasting marshmallows on the gas grill or gas stove

Here comes the delicious part

1)Take the graham craker,add a big square of chocolate on top then comes the hot gooey marshmallow which melts the chocolate a bit yumm:-).Now take another craker and press the marshmallow.Enjoy with your friends and family.


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