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Monday, December 9, 2013

Electric Rice cooker Pulao - Super easy recipe

Sometimes you get bored of  traditional time consuming recipes ! and don't even feel like going out to restaurant?

This is what you can make - electric rice cooker pulao-super easy super delicious.

This no stove recipe can be made when u go on a tour or campsites with electric outlet.

Here is what u need
Rice-2 cups(basmati/sona masuri)
oil-   3 Tbspn
jeera-1/4 tspn
cut mixed vegetables-3 cups( peas,carrot,beans,cauliflower,potato,corn,lima beans)
cilantro chopped-2 Tbspn
dill greens chopped - 1 Tbpsn(optional)
green chilly chopped-2
mint chopped-1 Tbpsn
garic pod minced-2
garam masala-1 tspn
dhania powder-2 tspn(u can replace 1 tsp with biryani masala powder if u have or even pav bhaji masala powder)
bay leaf-2
cashew nuts-1 Tbpn(according to your preference,i like to add more)
salt to taste

Here is how to do
Lets combine everything in the rice cooker.Water quantity is same as u make plain rice.

Isn't is easy?

Top it with fried onions(readily available in stores) and enjoy with some raita


  1. Ouuu great! I dont have a rice cooker, but might need to get one! Looks yummy!! I have come to love my cashew nuts with rice:-)

  2. Even i love cashews in rice..i usually add 2 tbspn in this recipe:-)).Try and let me know how u like it...

  3. This dish looks really yum! Infact I recommend that you submit your recipe for the Fortune "What's your tadka?" Recipe contest where you can get a chance to appear on Food Food Channel and showcase your recipe. Click on the link for more information:

    1. Thanks for your valuable comments vinay! Will definately give a try.

  4. Yummy and easy to make rice in pressure cooker.

  5. Thanks for your comments:-) and this recipe is made entirely in electric rice cooker so need not to use stove or pressure cooker....