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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amchur Puliyogare -Quick Delicious Meal

South Indian Festivals are never complete without puliyogare/pulihora/tamarind rice.Traditional puliyogare is made with tamarind.I wanted to post a quick fix for the traditional one which tastes good too.

I used amchur powder and used less ingredients to make it simple.

This recipe sure will be handy for busy moms.

Quick ,tasty and fulfilling lunch box idea.

Tempering + Amchur powder + Rice--->Instant puliyogare!


cooked rice-4 cups
amchur powder- 2 tspn
oil-3 Tbspn
mustard seeds-1/2 tspn
chana dal-1/2 tspn
peanuts-1 Tbpn
urad dal- 1/2 tspn
dry red chilly-2
turmeric-1/4 tspn
grated dry coconut-1.5 Tbspn
curry leaves-2 string
pepper powder- 2 pinch
jaggery powder-1/4 tspn
salt to taste

How to make
1)Heat oil in a non stick pan.Add mustard seeds when hot and allow them to splutter.Now add chana dal and peanuts then the urad dal and fry them till it turns golden brown.Add red chilly pieces,asafetida,turmeric,curry leaves,pepper powder.Keep the stove in very low/warm..

2)Add grated dry coconut,powdered jaggery,amchur powder.Once the jaggery melts turn off the stove.Dont burn the amchur powder!.Immediately add cooked rice,salt & mix well.

3)Enjoy this instant meal:-)

1)Don't skip dry coconut,it adds authentic taste(I usually add 2 tbspn :-)).You can also add  1/2 tspn black sesame seeds or white seasame seeds for tempering.

2)I used 2 tspn amchur powder for 4 cups cooked rice.The amchur powder I used was not so strong and I like it more tangy.So adjust according to taste buds.You can always sprinkle extra amchur and mix at last!

3)I made it mildy spicy.If u want extra spicy then add some more pepper powder.Or Even you can add 1/2 tspn chillypowder along with amchur powder

Vessel was empty in no time:-):-)


  1. This is new to me n dish looks yummy n tasty too...

  2. Thanks for your words dear.Try it and let me know how you liked it:-).

  3. YOu have not mentioned when to add amchur powder?

  4. Hi dear,

    You add amchur along with dry coconut and jaggery.Amchur powder is added in the last but one picture.

    Let me know how did u like it!

  5. Hi Shwetha!
    You have an excellent collection....amchoor puliyogare is new to me. Will try soon

    1. Thanks for your words ramaa.Last week I packed this easy recipe for picnic!Try it out:-)

  6. New recipe I never heard about...sounds simple too.will try!

  7. Thanks for your valuable comment rani.Quickfix and tasty when u want a break from authentic recipes:-)

  8. This recipe of Amchur Puliyogare is an Delicious Meal.Any one can make it at home very easily and The ingredients are used in it are very less we need Mango Powder and cooked rice,chana dal etc.