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Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberry Milkshake

This weekend I had been to farmers market and happen to see very fresh strawberries(they told me they just picked it).So its time to make yummy milkshake!
7 numbers fresh strawberry
2 cup whole milk
2.5 Tablespoon sugar + more if ur berries r not so sweet

I like a lot a toppings on my milkshake like nuts,fruits,ice cream Hmmm!What a lovely dessert on hot sunny  days!Just Chillout...Treat Time:-)

1 tspn of sliced almonds per glass
1 tspn of chopped fresh strawberry per glass
A scoop of strawberry ice cream or your favourite one Or 1 Tbpsn of cool whip.Click here for easy strawbery ice cream recipe

Blend strawberries,milk with sugar until smooth and run it through strainer.Top it with sliced almonds &fine pieces of strawberries,a scoop of ur favourite ice cream.You can also add  1 Tbspn whipped cream while blending if not plaaning to have it with ice cream.Your kiddos will love it and ask for refill so be prepared and make some extra

Impress your loved ones with this easy pink dessert .


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