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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Samosa -Crispy flaky deep fried pastry with spicy potato filling.

Samosa for me is King of Appetizers.

If I go to restaurants,the first thing I order is samosa.

I go to the party and I see samosa in menu & I am happy:-)

I am angry and if my hubby gets me a samosa I'm happy:-) and the list goes!

Samosa reminds me of  college days.There was a Punjabi stall close by and ,he used to make best samosas and jalebis,all time crowded..just can't forget the taste ! Our fun days were never complete without samosa.Gossip,chitchat,make bunk plans eating samosas:-).You might have similar ones too rite?

Well coming to the recipe ....

Outer Shell

 Maida/allpurpose flour 2 cups
3 Tbspn oil +1 Tbspn ghee
1/4 tspn ajwain(optional)
salt to taste
water to mix

1)Take a large bowl,add maida ,salt give it a mix.Next add oil and ghee and rub it into the flour for 2 min so the fat gets nicely coated to flour and you get nice flaky samosas.

2)Sprinkle few ajwain ,add water little at a time and make medium soft dough(It should be firm than chapati)

3)Cover it in wet cloth and set aside for atleast 20-30 min.


6 medium size..........Boiled smashed potato
2 Tbspn ....................Oil
2 Tbspn.....................Chopped coriander leaves chilly chopped
2 pinch......................Turmeric
2 pinch.......................Hing
1/4 tspn......................ginger grated
2 tspn.........................coriander powder
1/4 tspn.....................garam masala
1/2 tspn.....................chilly powder
cumin +mustard........1/4 tspn
salt to taste

1)In a pan add oil,when hot add cumin and mustard.Allow mustard to pop now comes turmeric,hing,ginger,greenchilly.Keep the flame low and add masala powders.

2)Add boiled mashed potatoes,boiled greenpeas,coriander leaves,salt to taste and mix well.

3)Your filling is ready.You can also add chopped onion and garlic paste to tempering to add a different taste.

Shape Up

1)Take a lemon sized dough,roll it thin to make a circle.
2)Take a knife,cut them into half.
3)Each piece makes one samosa.The bigger your circle,bigger the samosa,
4)Start making cone shape from one end.
5)Close the cone,sharpen the tip,press the ends well
5)Fill up the potato filling till 3/4th and close it(give a good press).
6)Let the samosa stand on the surface.

Below pics will give you good idea to shape it


1)Take a deep kadai,add oil for deep frying.
2)Make sure the oil is medium hot and not too very hot.
3)Drop ur samosas(i usually do 3 at a time)
4)Fry till golden brown.
5)Let it set on paper towels
6)Homemade samosas are ready to enjoy.

Serve it with green chutney and tamarind dates chutney

Impress your friends and family and enjoy your evening.A lovely teatime with samosa:-)



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