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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sprouted beans and pomegranate salad


11/2 cup mung beans sprouted.
1 cup pomegranate seeds.
3 Tbspn fresh or frozen grated coconut.
2 greenchilly
1 Tbspn oil
1/2 tspn mustard seeds.
1/2 tspn lemon juice.
1 Tbspn chopped coriander leaves.
salt to taste

How to sprout beans?
1)Soak the whole mung bean or any other bean in water and let it stay overnight.
2)The next morning,drain out the excess water and wrap cotton cloth around the beans.
3)Cover it and let is stay in a dark place for about 2 days.
4)The length of the sprout depends on climate.In summer I got lengthy sprout for 2 days .In winter I may have to wait for longer time.

Note:You can sprout chickpeas, black chana,matki or any other bean with the same process.I usually wrap the soaked beans in thick variety kitchen towels,muslin cloth or just cotton cloth and keep it inside oven.


1)Combine sprouted mung bean ,pomegranate seeds,grated coconut.
2)Heat oil in a pan,when hot add mustard seeds.When it pops add finely chopped greenchillies and coriander leaves (don't let chilly and greenchilly turn brown,switch off the stove and add it at last)
3)Add lemon juice and mix well.
4)Enjoy the super healthy,raw,lowfat,high protein salad.

I usually make this as side dish for sambar rice .CLICK HERE FOR SAMBAR RECIPE

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